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Metamorphic technique

Everything that a human being experiences from the moment of his conception, including stresses and fears transmitted by the mother, creates blocks and traumas. Over them he founds the mental schemes of his future life


These patterns emerge in childhood and crystallize with growth and adulthood, conditioning thoughts, personality and consciousness, and influencing the general approach to one's life.

Dysfunctional mental patterns create energy blocks, which in turn materialize in the form of physical illnesses, mental and emotional balance disorders, various types of stress and behavioral disturbances.


The Metamorphic Technique, an evolution of plantar reflexology, is based on the releasing the energy of the above mentioned blocks - the ones cause by stressful states of the fetus and mother during the gestation period.

These energetic blocks are dissolved through a localized massage on feet, hands and head, reflecting the spine's positions.

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