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Filipino Spiritual Healing

Unmistakable feature of the best known Filipino healers is spiritual surgery. Some of them even manage to transfor the energy blocks of the individual into matter, right before their removal.


According to the Filipino ancient tradition, every imbalance - or disease - found on a psychological, emotional or physical level, is manifested first of all in the subtle bodies of the human being. Persistence at subtle levels leads problems to "descend" later on to the physical level.


The spiritual healer works on the energetic levels of the human being, and removes the problem at higher levels. This is reflected and brings resolution, in many cases, on the physical level as well.


The method is based on the connection of the healer with his Spirit Guide and with other Beings of Light, from which he receives information for the identification of energy blocks, hence the possibility to remove them.


Every human being owns the ability to become a spiritual healer. If you are interested in developing it, you can access the training section with the link below.

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