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Curious by nature, and convinced that there are no limits whatsoever, I am constantly looking for something that transcends, that goes beyond.

I dedicate myself to increasing the well-being of the human being, and, consequently,

to his spiritual evolution.

Sebastiano Rivetti Guarigioni Spirituali Allineamento Divino Reiki Guarigione Filippina Radiestesia Segnature Organi Centrali Carte Energetiche Cristalli Tecnica Metamorfica Massaggio Metamorfico Colonna Vertebrale Dolori Cervicale Mal di Schiena Centratura Lucidità Spirituale Evoluzione
Image by Annie K

The Body gets sick to protect the Mind,

The Mind gets sick to protect the Soul,

The Soul gets sick to protect the Spirit,

and without the Spirit, the Man cannot exist

Training and Skills

Aligner according to Anne Hübner's Heilerschule.

Spiritual Healer according to the traditional Filipino method.

Spiritual Alchemist, Reiki Master, and radiesthesist technician.


Very serious and sensitive healer.

We received realignment and spiritual healing - me, my mother and my son.

I witnessed with tears in my eyes the healing of my mother, who had struggles with basic movements for a while: when she got off the bed she started walking freely, and became independent again in activities she had not been able to do alone in a while, like dressing herself.

Happy and immensely grateful, beyond all expectations. Thanks, always thanks!

Mara P.


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